5 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Sucks

July 8, 2022

The art of high conversion rates is a formula that most brand owners do not understand. They choose to prioritize other parts of their business like media buying and ad creatives over conversion principles that majorly influence sales.So we decided to create this list and share the 5 reasons why your landing page sucks. Backed by over 10 years of experience kicking as in this landing page industry.

1. No consistency in your customer journey

It doesn’t matter if you hired Neil Patel himself to design your landing page. Having inconsistent messaging from your prospects first impression seeing your ad, to when they land on your landing page will decimate your conversion rates.

Too often we come across clients that are running ads promoting an offer but are sending traffic to a generic homepage or product page. 

If you are promoting a Black Friday Sale then your ad copy and landing page have to be married. Remember that customers are losing their attention span; routing them to generic pages  is going to create an obstacle for them, and that is where they drop off.

The customer journey must be simple and digestible. Whatever you are promoting in your ad copy has to be the center of focus on your landing page.

Your landing page creative and landing copy must be 2 things: consistent in the offering and hyper-focused without any distractions.

2. Your landing page is not mobile-first

80% of eCommerce traffic is from mobile users. Yet 90% of websites and landing pages are not mobile-first. 

Customers who land on poorly designed mobile sites are faced with many obstacles: confusing navigation, content that is not digestible, and a difficult user experience. This results in lower conversion rates and credibility. Your customer must come first. Your website's entire focus must be customer centric. By understanding your customers' situation, perceptions, and expectations; you can create a mobile-first website experience that will offer a more exciting and visual customer journey, leading to higher conversion rates.

3. Your brand feels cheap and unexciting

There’s a reason why people pay ridiculous amounts of money for incredibly stupid fashion trends like Balenciaga; they get sold on the branding, exclusivity and messaging.

Mediocre product photography, Fiverr product videos, and a brand built in Canva is always going to translate to an unsustainable business.

What drives us crazy as an agency is that many brand owners do not understand that having poor quality content on your website is going to cost you more in terms of low conversion rates and poor sales than forking over a couple thousands dollars to create awesome content which will directly influence better sales.

If you want to rise above the competition and stand out to your audience then you need to invest into brand and content building.

4. Overwhelming shopping experience

Imagine every time you wanted to buy something at the grocery store, you had to walk your cart over to a cart inspection section, then over to a checkout line, then finally before payment, you had to write down all of your details including name, email, phone, address etc.

You probably wouldn’t enjoy grocery shopping right? That’s why frictionless shopping is one of the most important elements that brand owners should be implementing in their stores. 

Thanks to apps like Uber, DoorDash and Amazon Prime, customers' buying behaviors have evolved into demanding things quickly and simply.

That’s why it is crucial to optimize your stores navigation and flow. Getting your customer to the checkout with their desired product as quickly as possible is always going to equate to higher sales.

From using smart filters and categories to accelerated checkouts like Shop Pay, building an optimized shopping experience for your customer should be high up on your priority list.

5. You hired someone with no CRO experience

The ageless quote, “you get what you pay for”, couldn’t be more true than for web design and development.

Good design aint cheap. No matter what they say. Any newbie with a Figma subscription and one eye can design something pretty but it takes an expert with a bird eye’s view of the complete customer journey and client objectives to design with real purpose.

There is a reason why the top eCommerce companies in the world pay hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on CRO and split testing designs. They fully grasp the notion that high conversion rates involve paying experts.